Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is your favorite time of the day spent with. . .?

After watching a talk show this afternoon I started thinking.  A certain celebrity guest was gushing about her current flame and was asked this question: What is your favorite time with [your significant other]?

That really got me thinking!! Personally, I am blessed with many many many - too many to  pick just one. To narrow down one is difficult. However, if forced to chose, it would be when sitting next to the best bfitw at church Sundays.  Nine o'clock mass is something we both  look forward to very much - even when we choose not to  treat ourselves to creme filled long john's and peanut sprinkled glazed twists downtown after and instead get right back home. Unfortunately for my pancreas this doesn't happen very often. :)

Also, in no particular order, MORE favorite times with. . . .:

  1. Nick.  Anytime.  But also fresh from work after herding the buffalo into the stalls for their annual vaccinations.  Hours later his adrenaline is still pumping and his blue eyes are wide with excitement. 
  2. Dogs. Watching them play with each other. 
  3. Dinner. Breaking bread with family. 
  4. Shopping.  Searching for fancy ingredients for said dinner. 
  5. Running.  With friends.
  6. Bed time. My good night phone call.
  7. Air conditioning. At night. 
  8. Wireless home modem  router (oops!). Anytime! Luvin' this. 
What are some of your favorite times with. . . ???

Here are a few quick updates on the chickens, dogs, and running ----
Dogs: No recent deer dropping baths. :) Ozzie had tons of fun in the water Monday. And he got clean and fluffy and smelling good and was none the wiser. Baths for him would NOT make this list. Oreo still learning to love the lake. But she loves her baths! Weird, I know. He loves the water, hates baths. She dislikes the water and loves baths. 
Running: Had a personal best time @ Bayshore 1/2 marathon in May!! Thank you pt!! 
Chickens: No, no eggs yet!! Just the never ending supply of fertilizer :) 


  1. Watching my six year-old daughter sleeping. She is so angelic.

  2. Love love love it. I totally agree. And you know what? Even at 20 yo going on 21, she'll look like an angel sleeping. :) She may not SMELL like one but she'll still resemble one. Their childhood innocence is permantly frozen in sleep.

  3. Beautiful post Kelley! Dinner, sitting in church, morning lazing with family are the best. Also love running and boot camp with good friends! We are all so blessed. Thanks for the opportunity to share Kel.

  4. Awesome Heidi, so true!! Although, regarding our boot camp class, I can't say I've ever uttered the three words "Love" "Boot" "Camp" simultaneously. Ever. It's so fun having you and your friends in this class. Your presence inspires me work to hard. : ) When are you going to teach one??